Slight Change In The Production, Or Drainage Of Aqueous Humour Can Affect Gop Significantly.

Their eyes should be examined regularly, to detect and treat various eye conditions. You could be experiencing the pain, due to glasses which slide off your nose. Use lukewarm water and soak the cotton. Closed angle acute glaucoma: In this glaucoma, GOP rises abruptly due to the blocking of the eye canals. Under such a condition, a person is not able to see properly around the edges and it is mostly not accompanied with any abnormality in central vision. Disclaimer: This guzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for the advice of an ophthalmologist. Surgery may be performed in extreme cases. Sometimes, difference in pressure between the two eyes is noticed, which can lead to certain types of glaucoma, iritis or retinal detachment, etc. For a hot compress dunk your face towel in tepid water and squeeze excess water out. Slight change in the production, or drainage of aqueous humour can affect GOP significantly.

This is why performers who wish to prevent stage fright from affecting their performance might be recommended the use of these drugs. Other symptoms may be enlarged size of the eye, dilated pupil, tearing and vision loss. Is it possible to carry through with a surgery if one has a head cold? One feels eye pain due to presence of foreign object in the eyeball. In two cups of water, chickweed could be added and heated for some time. These infections can be successfully treated with the help of suitable medicines such as antibiotics and antiviral medications.